Save Hyperion and restore Aristos

For hundreds of years, the land of Aristos has thrived under the ruling balance of two Titans – Hyperion and Ophion.  

On one fateful day, Hyperion mysteriously disappears, and the world is thrown into chaos.  

Journey with the protectors of light in search of the lost titan and restore order to the world.

Jul 17, 2014The Lost Titans Shutting Down
May 28, 2014Maintenance on 29th, May
Maintenance on 29th, May
Jan 14, 2014TLT Server Maintenance 15/1/20...
TLT Server Maintenance 15/1/2014(Jan,15th)
So sorry for this late mainenance. And we bring new events this time. Maintenance for The Lost Titan will start from 00:30 A.M.Server Time on 15/1/2014(Jan,15th).
Dec 24, 2013TLT Server Maintenance 25/12/...
TLT Server Maintenance  25/12/2013(Dec,25th)
Maintenance for The Lost Titan will start from 00:30 A.M.Server Time on 25/12/2013 (Dec,25th).
Dec 17, 2013TLT Server Maintenance 18/12/...
TLT Server Maintenance  18/12/2013(Dec.,18th)
Maintenance for The Lost Titan will start from 00:30 A.M.Server Time
Apr 2, 2014Buy whatever you want
Buy whatever you want
The level limit of Zodiac Coin and Master Runes is no longer the bother to you now! During the event, the level limit will be cancelled and you can buy whatever you want. Just go ahead!
Apr 2, 2014All 20% off In Mall
All 20% off In Mall
TLT’s handsome discount comes back with the fine spring days. During the event, all items in Mall are 20% off ( Zodiac Coin excluded ). Hope this makes the spring even better!
Feb 25, 2014Skittertooth Coming
Skittertooth Coming
Hi, pretty boys and girls, I am Skittertooth. Nice to meet you! I am new here and I hope everyone of you likes me. I am kind and gentle, lovely and cute, and I am ready to drive the loneliness away from you! Clever as me, I bet you won’t regret ...
Feb 25, 20144-Times EXP Is Waiting for You...
4-Times EXP Is Waiting for You to Level Up
All creatures are back to life when Spring returns. Let's resume fighting and get quadruple EXP to level up!
Feb 25, 2014Free Silver! GO! GO! GO!
Free Silver! GO! GO! GO!
During event period, you can enjoy silver bonus once spend certain amount of gold! The silver bonus will go up as you spend gold. The more you spend, the more silver you will get. Go! Go! Go! Free silver can’t wait!


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